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Stronsay Accomodation

Stronsay is an island in Orkney, Scotland situated to the North of the British Isles. Stronsay is part of an extensive group of Islands where the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea meet, known as the Orkney Islands. Stronsay's shape is irregular and its name originates from the Old Norse for Star Island. Stronsay is one of the inhabited islands in the Orkneys.


Stronsay Accomodation

There is a choice of accomodation on Stronsay Island, some available all year around. There is also inexpensive bunk and hostel accomodation in season on Stronsay.


The Stronsay Hotel


The Stronsay Hotel, Whitehall, Stronsay, Orkney, KW17 2AR. Telephone: +44 (0)1857 616213

The Stronsay Hotel is run by Mr & Mrs A Cooke. Described as "The island's only hotel, the island's restaurant and the island's pub", the Stronsay Hotel offers accomodation, restaurant facilities, and a bar for adventurous Stronsay travellers.

The Stronsay Hotel is a Scottish Tourist Board 3 Star Inn.


Stronsay Fish Mart Hostel


The Stronsay Fish Mart Hostel is in Whitehall Village, Stronsay, Orkney KW17 2AR. Telephone: 01857 616386

The Stronsay Fish Mart Hostel provides bunk accomodation overlooking the harbour and within minutes walk of the ferry terminal. The Stronsay Fish Mart Hostel offers self-catering facilities for visitors and also has a cafe.


Stronsay Bird Reserve


Stronsay Bird Reserve. Telephone: 01857 616363

The Stronsay Bird Reserve is a bed and breakfast situated in an old crofthouse. Bed and Breakfast accomodation offered as well as full-board.


Torness Camping Barn


Torness Camping Barn. Telephone: 01857 616314

Torness Camping Barn offers camping on Stronsay.




Clestrian. Telephone: 01857 616340

Clestrian offers Bed and Breakfast and Full Board accomodation on Stronsay.




Claremont. Telephone: 01857 616478

Claremont offers Bed and Breakfast and Full Board accomodation on Stronsay.




Helmsley. Telephone: 01857 616369

Helmsley offers Bed and Breakfast accomodation on Stronsay. Evening meals are also available.


Orkney Tourist Board | BBC Weather Forecast for Kirkwall, Orkney Islands.


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